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"It's definitely one of the grossest films I've ever seen!"
Tony Timpone (editor of FANGORIA)

BIZARRE #52 Nov2001


MARCH 15TH 2003

HAPPY NEW F*CKING YEAR SICKOS!!!! What happened to January and Febuary you ask?? FUCK 'em.... nothing happened, so no update. Lots happens now... so BIG update... lots of things to say... NEW things for you to buy and LOVE... mmmm, we love the soundtrack.... and new news about bitz and bobz... especially WORLDWIDE RELEASE news!!! As in the FEAR came out ultra-officially in the USA/Canada LAST WEEK!!!! As in NOW!!! Shit!!!! As in 'excellent'!!! Before the rest, a slight apology... what would an update be without an apology? Different!.... Anyway... we just wanna say sorry for any of our unfulfilled promises made here and there... we don't mean to get yous excited un-neccessarily (special -edition DVD!)... we just wanna be up front about the plans we've got... we get overly excited too... and we WILL deliver on promises... it just might take longer than planned. We are still a tiny, struggling, independent company trying to appease a lot of people on a lot of different fronts. To say we probably over-stretch ourselves is an understatement. We first mentioned the soundtrack almost a year ago (!!) and it's only just here... frustrating for you... and us. You could say we're a victim of the film's popularity... but 'victim' implies we don't wanna be here... we do, we fuckin' love it... and we wanna carry on doing it. Yea, we'll make mistakes, and yea, we'll apologise about them and learn from them. Thanks to all of you who believe in us...

STOP PRESS!!!! Film 2000, the UK distributors, have just cut an exclusive deal for HMV shops to sell the VHS video (PAL) for a cut-price £9.99 !!! This is the FIRST time the VHS will be available in the shops, and available to a whole new market... so happy hunting bargain hunters. Obviously we have to match that price... lucky you!!! As we all know, video is a dying format, as DVD takes over. Many territories who are releasing CRADLE OF FEAR are just releasing the DVD... this includes USA. This means we are the only place to buy NTSC format VHS videos. The demand isn't huge... but it's there... and if one person a day wants to buy a VHS then we think the service is still worth providing. Sometime in the near future we'll wind up VHS sales on our site and focus on the Special Edition (there.. we mentioned it again!)... and OTHER goodies. So our advice to anyone wanting a VHS from us to order soon!!! We love you VHS... but we love DVD more!!!

THE FUNKING SOUNDTRACK!!! Chandon is very happy about this. So are we. So will you be. Especially when you hear that Alex Chandon is personally signing (and defacing) every copy bought online!! Go HERE and order it online from us and help our cause!!! It is available NOW in the USA and mid-March in the UK, released by SILVASCREEN. It is/will be available from shops and everywhere... but you know it makes sense to BUY IT HERE and help the film-makers direct!!!

IMAGE ENTERTAINMENT (www.image-entertainment.com) release the UNCUT CRADLE OF FEAR, so all you lovely American and Canadian and Region 1 people can buy the fucker without hassling us!!! It will be available in YOUR shops, in YOUR stores, in YOUR country, on YOUR format. YOU will be very happy. It's gonna be the sme as the UK DVD... as in the same extras... 2 trailers, a 15 min behind-scenes-taster and tons of stills. Lap it up.

NEW FEAR SHIRT!! We've now put Paul Allender's excellent 'UP THE BODY COUNT' long sleeved shirt online... it's got Alex Chandon's dirty face on the back so we can hardly recommend it... but go HERE and buy the fucker anyway... give it to charity or summink.

FRENCH DUB!! The French (and you Canadians who do that thing!) DVD will be released by Antartic Video and features French Language dubbing ("mais oui" we say!)... but nothing unique on extras... cos no-one asked!!

AUSTRALIAN DUB!! The easiest dub of all... we just turned up the volume ( they're loud... shit joke..).... but seriously... the film got passed UNCUT (don't ask how) for Oz and New Zealand despite its GRATUITOUS VIOLENCE AND SICK SNUFF SEX DEATHS. And its out NOW!!! More info from HERE (http://www.umbrellaent.com.au)

GOREWAR! That is the film we would make right now if you gave us a million quid...

Lastly... we couldn't resist it.... MORE-GORE!!! The CRADLE OF FEAR special edition has taken a frighteningly original direction.... but we can't promise anything... we can only hint at promising things.... it will be this year... it will probably be summer or earlier... it might be later... but it will be this year... and it will be worth the wait.... promise. And it will have a film-look.... to fool you all!

NOV 18TH 2002

FEAR SOUNDTRACK SIDETRACKED! (AGAIN!) But itâs not all bad news. Weâre very pleased to say that SILVASCREEN RECORDS will be releasing the official CRADLE OF FEAR soundtrack, compiled by Alex Chandon. Theyâve just done a wonderful release of THE WHICKER MAN soundtrack... so weâre in good hands. Initially, we were going to produce this CD Îin-houseâ, and release it around now... but seeing as our Îin-houseâ is a tiny office in Londonâs, Soho; already crammed full of videos and DVDâs we thought it would be much better if we could find a Îworthyâ company we could trust to release it worldwide. The filmâs success meant that SILVASCREEN were very keen to do this... but they want to wait until the film is released in America before it goes on release. That means FEB 2003 (!!). We think this is fair enough, business is business... but it does mean that you people who have been with us since day one (our favourites), have to wait the longest to get it... and for that, weâre sorry. We aim to offer something special to those people who ordered from us online so please donât feel too disheartened about this latest delay.... there should be some nice Anti-Christ-mas news just for you lot!!

CHANDON WRITE ON! Yes.. heâs busy writing again... some horror film surprisingly enough. We risked an earful to ask him what itâs all about.

"Er... it's about some (gore-geous) girl who goes mental in her flat... my homage to Polanski's REPULSION. It's for a feature film to be made by THREE horror-filmâ directors. I can't tell you who they are... or much more about it, for two reasons. ONE: itâs early days, theyâre still seeking funding, and if it doesn't come off I don't wanna feel like a cunt for bigging it up. TWO: I haven't written it yet. This will be a very low budget film, shot on DV... something I can be getting on with while we wait for the next BIG(ger) thing to happen. I wanna practice some REAL horror.... scary, disturbing suspense... with just a garnish of horrifically shockingly brutal violence!

On other matters, as you're here... We should be able to finally pay off all our FEAR investors (and our CREW!!) very soon, and that'll be the time we can go back to them (and others) and ask for more cash for a new film... maybe even a CRADLE OF FEAR 2, if people were interested... or my zombie epic, which I can now finish writing having seen the debacle that is 28 DAYS LATER (£5 million... explain please!). And while we develop our own projects there is always that DREAM project that MIGHT happen.... we have a treatment for a feature film version of THE SICK ROOM story from FEAR out in the real-world, with a company interested in doing a decent-budget (think 7 figures!!) version. But being the real-world this means it might take years, or never happen at all... Remember: The film industry is the only industry where you can die from encouragement.

Oh... almost forgot... I've been talking to the excellent KILLJOY from the band NECROPHAGIA about doing the SICKEST VIDEO EVER for them. I'm well into this and have some repulsive visual ideas lined up... (severed) fingers and toes crossed that this VILE BABY will see the light of day. And while I'm here... DOES ANYONE RICH WANNA HELP THE FUTURE OF BRITISH HORROR FILMS AND INVEST IN MY MOVIES???? PLEAZZZZ!!!!!! contact FLESHFUND@CRADLEOFFEAR.COM"

PORTU-GEEZERS!! Well we finally watched the BRAZILIAN release of CRADLE OF FEAR ( titled NASCIDO DO INFERNOâ see below for more details)... and it's BRILLIANT. It's an ALL REGION (that means YOU in America, who asks us every week if there is region 1 DVD anywhere!) DVD with THREE versions of the film. The ENGLISH version. ENGLISH with PORTUGESE SUBTITLES... and, our favourite, DUBBED INTO PORTUGESE!!! And they've done a very good job of it too!! It makes it seem like some seriously deranged Brazilian soap-opera. The best voiceâ has to be that for Al Stokes (whose pierced face also graces the DVD sleeve in true Brazillian GORE stylee) who now sounds like he's passing a very painful shit whilst terrorizing the two gals!! Please donât ask us about ordering this novelty... go to their website... details below in last updates...


Happy October Fear Friendz... that happy time of year when leaves die, it gets cold and demons come out to eat people. And then its Halloween... we wish you all good spookings.... and its also our FIRST ANNIVERSARY, sort of... it's been just over a year since the FEAR was finished... and how quick this year's gone by... and how well recieved the FEAR has been... you lot have had a shitload to do with the films gradual success... so a BIG GORY THANX FROM ALL AT FEAR CENTRAL!!! Internet sales, website and fanzine reviews, and YOUR word-of-mouth has helped CRADLE OF FEAR go from strength to strength. The official UK DVD release by FILM 2000 has been a huge success, we're one of their biggest sellers.... over 20,000 people have rented it out from BLOCKBUSTERS in the 6 months it's been 'legal'!! The sickness has infiltrated tens of thousands of people in the UK... the subliminal encryption program embedded in the DVD has begun its work in the brains of the nation... the birth of the new flesh! And now the wonderful disease will spread much further... The Revulsion Revolution has BEGUN!!! More of that in a paragraph or two... first...


YES!!! The 'Land of the Little People' is getting one more for a few days as Alex Chandon attends the HORRORTHON FILM FESTIVAL in Dublin, Ireland, and introduces a rare cinema screening of CRADLE OF FEAR at (time) on SATURDAY OCTOBER 26th. We hope to see many of our Irish friends there.The festival (and Alex, probably) kick's off on the Friday with 28 DAYS LATER and its director Danny Boyle in attendance. Other highlights include screenings of our favourite sick movies... NEW YORK RIPPER, EMMANUELLE AND THE LAST OF THE CANNIBALS, KILLING OF AMERICA, NIGHTMARE CITY, WITCHFINDER GENERAL and LOADS MORE!!!
It's FOUR days and nights of MAYHEM, and that's before any Guinness is consumed.
The showing is quite ironic as we just recieved this notification, from the Irish censors, informing us that CRADLE OF FEAR IS BANNED IN IRELAND!!! Excellent! We like their reasons...Click here to see the official letter!!


CRADLE OF FEAR begins its world-wide takeover
down in South America!! In Brazil!! Where life is cheap... and a FEAR DVD is cheaper!! It's been retitled as 'NASCIDO DO INFERNO' which translates as 'Born out Of Hell'... cool!! And there's a PORTUGESE VERSION (!!!) ... we hope that means its dubbed... discs are on their way to us... check out the sleeve design... it's like the UK DVD design, except they've given THE MAN a great big axe!!! That's Brazil I guess!!

BRAZIL!! DVD all region. Distributed by Alpha Films. OUT NOW. called NASCIDO DO INFERNO. For ordering information please go to WWW.ALPHAFILMES.COM.BR
AUSTRALIA/ NEW ZEALAND !! We've just done a deal with Umbrella Entertainment for them to release the film down under. We're gonna give 'em some extra extras (cos we like Ozzies), so we recommend ANYONE WHO LIVES IN AUSTRALIA / NEW ZEALAND TO BUY IT WHEN IT COMES OUT THERE!! It has just been passed UNCUT by the censors down under and the release date is Jan/Feb 2003. This is their website ... details should appear soon... feel free to hassle 'em!!
FRANCE !! Magnifique!! Tres bon!! And all that.... yup, crack open a croissant as the French have also bought the film... and its being subtitled (we believe.. either that or dubbed) into FRENCH!! The company is called ANTARTIC VIDEO and the release date is early next year! Our French friends in CANADA will enjoy this one as well...
GERMANY!! The Germans have something special planned... the film will be released by I-ON
and distributed by Warner... it will be DUBBED INTO GERMAN... and they're planning to film some interviews as extras. Release date early next year.
USA and CANADA !! As mentioned last time Image Entertainment is releasing FEAR early next year, and we can't f**king wait!!
IRELAND !! Er... no... they banned it, I forgot....!!
The REST OF THE WORLD... hold tight!! More news as it happens...

Well it was a shock for us... Yes, one of the new CRADLE OF FEAR tops, 'Up The Body Count', designed by Paul Allender ( axeman in CRADLE OF FILTH) is now available to buy... we were the last to know... but wires got crossed and the top has appeared first at Cradle Of Filth's official site, WWW.CRADLEOFFILTH.COM... and it will be with us very soon... heres a little picture of it. Funny... we recognise that ugly c**t on the back of it, but we can't put a name to the face...

Bad news about the German DVD of Alex's early films, BAD KARMA and more. The first batch has got the sound out of sync and Alex isn't happy. We ain't gonna sell this item... and we advise you NOT to buy it... UNTIL THE SOUND IS SORTED.

Some of yous may wanna know that Alex has found time to edit 9 short video clips (we wish he'd spend as much time on his next script!!). for Nigel Wingrove at Salvation Films, to compliment Nigel's DIARY. Go to WWW.SALVATION-FILMS.CO.UK to see the results. Alex likes the AMEN and MURDER DOLLS clips most.

Okay Freakz, Fiends and Frenzied Femme Fatales... have a deleriously deranged HELLOWEEN... and keep
spreading the FEAR on your nightly travels.
All the very beast, CRADLE OF FEAR CREW


Hello Old Fiends and New Blood. Regular visitors will have noticed some cosmetic changes around the place. Explore further and you'll find these changes are more than just skin deep.
AND we have EXCLUSIVE news on the following:
Get comfy fello sickos 'cos we've been busy recently (hence our very irregular web updates!) and there's lots to tell you.

And we're pleased to say we can now offer a 25% discount in the price across the whole range!! The film's gradual success is cutting our overheads so we can cut the retail price. The release of the DVD in the UK and the imminent release of official USA and German DVD's will substantially broaden the films availability. But we'll stay here selling VHS's for as long as people want them. Our delivery time (average 20 days) ain't the quickest... but it's reliable and operated by humans... albeit unsane ones (namely us). But, unfortunately due to Webastards, WE WILL NOT ACCEPT ORDERS FROM INDONESIA, VENEZUELA, HONDURAS, COLUMBIA. If you live in any of those countries and want to order the film please e-mail: INFO@CRADLEOFFEAR.COM. Similarly, any PROBLEMS, ORDER ENQUIRIES or COMMENTS to the above e-mail address. You never know, director Alex Chandon might be in the office to send you back a suitably deranged reply. E-mails that catch his eye might even make it into the VIEWS/ SPEWS/ REVIEWS section.

We have a NEW POSTAL ADDRESS for MAIL ORDERS, cheques, international money orders and any freebies. See video order page for new address. We have had problems with our last PO BOX address in HOLLAND... but we are pleased to say operations have moved to NORTH LONDON, so heads are easier for us to kick if problems arise. Which they won't.

FILM 2000's UK DVD RELEASE: The UNCUT DVD of CRADLE OF FEAR has taken the country by storm.
Apart from some initial pricing problems (namely BLOCKBUSTER's selling it on the cheap... don't blame us!!) the release has been a huge success. We entered the TOP 20 best-selling lists at HMV and BLOCKBUSTERS!! Thousands of people have been infected with the FEAR!! The plan is working!! As we mention elsewhere... WE ARE NOT SELLING THE DVD (INDIVIDUALLY)... we are leaving that to our friends:

A lot of you have enquired about it's non-arrival on the scene. We're pleased to say IT IS COMING!!! It's being mastered at the moment, and we are looking for a distribution company (anyone out there?). The reasons for the delay has been the amount of work involved in getting it together. Initially we we're gonna master and distribute it all ourselves (as we did the video). But quite a lot of work is involved... and financial and contractual issues. Our focus has been on the films marketing and distribution (rightly so)... so the soundtrack (and web updates and new T-shirts) got to say hello to the wayside for a while. But now... as the FEAR starts fighting for itself it's freed up time and we can deliver on our promises. Alex Chandon spent 3 days mixing and interweaving selected tunes into dialogue and sound-fx from the film itself. The result is a dark inferno of hard beats and savage samples. FOR MENTALLISTS AND METALLISTS EVERYWHERE!! Infectious, Atmospheric and Darkly Comic. Like the movie.You will be pleased. We're hoping that a release can happen by Halloween. So you can listen to it while you run through graveyards!

As Cradle Of Filth work feverously on their much awaited new album for Epic Records their last record company, Snapper (with COF's blessing) commissioned us (Pragmatic Pictures, with Alex Chandon as writer/director) to create a promo for a Cradle Of Filth remix of a Sister's Of Mercy tune, 'No Time To Cry'. To be put onto an 'enhanced-CD' for a live/remix album LIVE BAIT FOR THE DEAD Which is released AUGUST 19th 2002. With the band chained down by more than just album commitments, they couldn't appear in the video, so Alex's strange brain could run wild.... well as wild as 'POST 9PM ON MTV' allows. And pretty wild by all accounts. Alex has stretched the envelope (again) with a striking, haunting and ultimately disturbing video. Dramatic sets, intriguing effects and hypnotising imagery conspire to hide a VERY DARK story full of suppressed sexual desires, terrible secrets, guilt and terror and DEATH.

The first edit of what could be his best work yet was a desperate struggle as a lean deadline had to be hit to get it onto the CD. Literally hours to go and it was finished (as was Alex and editor Gel Groman). And that's the version on the CD. Which we love... but not half as much as the NEW VERSION... which SHOULD BE the MTV version! With more-time for the release of the video to MTV and cable channels it was decided by all to tweak and improve things... finally having a breathing space to be more creative, and to get Cradle Of Filth's opinions, has resulted in something that even the 'hard-to-please' Alex thinks is 99% perfect... I think there's 5 frames he's unhappy with!!

The video had a very tight prep and shoot and delivery time. It was gonna be difficult to make something that could improve on HER GHOST IN THE FOG ( Pragmatic's last promo for COF). But we were fortunate to be involved with Nigel Wingrove at SALVATION FILMS (see LINKS) at the time. Nigel was involved in a lot of early Cradle Of Filth art-photo shoots, naked nuns, blood and flowers, sexy sacrifices, gorgeous gothic chicks... you get the idea. He also made some suitably deranged films, whose excesses appealed to Alex's roving eye. And an idea was born. Alex would utilise Nigel's films and photos as an integral part to the video's story line (or flashbacks). Saving us shooting time and making that important link to Cradle Of Filth... something that Alex wanted to do. He knows how fickle fans can be... and not using the band was always gonna be an issue as it's their first promo without them. Nigel's imagery provides enough subtle references to the band to keep the hard-core happy! Hence everyone is well pleased that the promo is strong enough on its own to please everyone (going by initial comments from friends/ fans and the uninvolved!)

We'd love to show you a clip... but we're not gonna... you'll have to haunt it down yourselves. But here's some EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS from the set of NO TIME TO CRY. Click the thumbs for the bigger picture. We nicked 'em from Alex as we compiled his
FEAR PHOTO SCRAPBOOK !! We trust you won't tell him!!

Photo copyright Lee Thompson Gale

CRADLE OF FEAR RELEASE IN USA AND GERMANY And Brazil and Canada and hopefully Japan very soon!!
IMAGE ENTERTAINMENT have picked up the video and DVD rights for USA and Canada and will be releasing the film near the end of the year (we'll try and be more specific when someone is more specific to us!).
DRAGON FILMS has picked up video and DVD rights for Germany and a release should happen soon-ish.
And if you live in ITALY you can buy videos of CRADLE OF FEAR from all the TRANSILVANIA bars and clubs
. Thanks to ICE FERRI for that.

Yes!! Finally there will be an answer to all of you who are seeking Alex Chandon's early short films. The enterprising TIMO ROSE at SOI FILMS (see
LINKS) in Germany (we like the Germans!) is releasing ALL of Alex's mental shorts... including the rarely seen BAD MANOR... albeit on staggered DVD releases ( we said he was enterprising!). The first DVD should be available VERY SOON and we will plug it to fuck.

We've talked about this before, but times change and rumours abound so we're here, as the horse's mouth so to speak, to give you the low-down. Our initial thoughts was get this out this summer (sadly all 3 days of it in London have now gone), but why release it now when the film is only just getting a world-wide release? It's gradual success has meant we will wait a while before releasing what would, in effect, be a rival to our own film. So our current thinking is to postpone the release until later this year. How much later depends on a couple of factors... we won't release it until AFTER the official USA release. And whatever we do release has to deliver the goods, so a time factor comes into play here. Alex will be personally overseeing every aspect of the many creative changes. The talk is of 're-mixing' the film (whatever that means). The films audio will undergo a multi channel mix (using the original separated tracks!). And expect more subliminal and hidden 'easter-eggs'... visual additions onscreen (say a BAD KARMA video in a bookcase in the background) that when 'clicked' lead to hidden films and features. And that's just the first disc.

The second disc will be packed to EXPLODING point with exclusive features, mini-films, documentaries, interviews, commentaries, making-ofs, and related mayhem. If only half the things they've mentioned make it onto this disc it will still be a STANDOUT COLLECTER'S GEM. There's a while to wait, but wait a while and prepare to smile. Death has never been so much fun. Unless a big fat offer arrives we're gonna stick to our guns and release this double DVD exclusively ourselves... from here, the web-site. And anyone who orders anything online from us beforehand will be offered SIGNED COPIES at REDUCED PRICES. It's the least we can do to convey our thanks for YOUR HELP AND SUPPORT!!! Keep spreadin' the FEAR. Long live the new flesh!!

And just to say that we WILL try to make the next update happen sooner rather than later... so put us in your 'favourites' and pop back soon.

Take it sleazy... speaking of which... here's a photo of Alex at Cradle Of Filth's Ozzfest warm-up gig in Oxford. He's meeting a Filth 'n' Fear fan called Mike. Our reporter at the scene, Lex Lexus grabbed the opportunity to interview Mike as he waits for an ambulance.
Lex Lexus: "Christ that looks bad. Is that bone? What happened?"
Mike: "I told him I thought CRADLE OF FEAR was shit-hot...
Lex Lexus: "I don't understand, he bit off your nose..."
Mike: "He didn't hear the word 'hot'."
Lex Lexus: "Ah... now I understand. Will you sue?"
Mike: "If he hadn't swallowed it maybe. But he did, so it didn't go to waste. Being in his stomach is almost as good as being in his films! Can you hear that siren? Have you got a handkerchief?
Lex Lexus: "Get your bleeding face away from me you freak!!"
Thanks for that Lex. Don't call us okay. (And thanks to Mike!)
FEB 2002 - JULY 2002
"hi received C.O.F.today and just want to say FUCKING AMAZING. long live the new flesh indeed"
love alan
"Thanks from the bottom of my blood red heart. I got my video four days ago, and the autographed copy was the best a nice surprise. And the movie was even better than I expected special effects were to die for. I hope that you make another soon. I will be the first in line to get it. Thanks again for your patients w/me. And If you are ever in Bree, Belgium you have a place to stay and drink on me till ya drop."
e -mail from Russell Norcross
"Oh, another cool thing that I got over a month ago was a twisted skeletonized torso with part of a screaming skull attached, but gone above the nose. A small piece of flesh on the right shoulder was the only skin on this thing, and it had a tattoo of a pile of screaming skulls!! It's little things like that that make me go "wow!"""
section of e-mail from Anonymous, worker in a morgue.
"hey!! "Cradle of fear" is so fucking great!!..I adore you guys!!"
e-mail from Anna Johansson
"The videos and the signed inlays arrived today THANX 666 times! Ah, I watched the movie with a blackhaired beauty with really big tits....it was a bit too bloody for her taste she said but I nevertheless fucked her several times, hahahaha....so CoFear has probably a good sinful aura."
e-mail from Anderle666
"Subject: sleazed and pleased. Alex hey brother, the film is amazing- I haven't seen the screen get painted red like that since the 80's. I gotta salute you on this one."
e-mail from Ken McIntyre at SLEAZEGRINDER.COM
"THANK YOU FOR YOUR MESSAGE i received the video last saturday and i would say that it's fuckin'crazy .the film is excellent and it'scool to see bloody fuckin dany kill those men at the beginnig of the video .long life to cradle and great support from french fans .bye"
e-mail from laurent de lavenne
"I loved Cradle of Fear for many reasons, but, one of the best things on the movie was the gore scenes, like the spider baby scene. What are you influences on this kind of thing ? What movies inspired you ?"
e-mail question from Fernando Rick in Brazil
"Got the vid ! ,, and its fucking amazing... I love horror, You have done an Excellent job with this film , Nice one. Thanks ...Ant.." e-mail
"Cradle of Filth fans will surely cackle fiendishly and raise their blood filled goblets to the sky when they see Fear's opening sequence, where pint sized demon spawn Dani Filth tries getting through some London back alley without getting his leather clad ass kicked by a group of hulking jarheads lurking in the shadows. He fails, but retribution is swift and brutal as he suddenly goes into Satan Fu mode, literally tearing the hooligans to pieces, karate chopping the top of one guy's head off and greedily yanking out whatever's left and feasting on it. And that's only the first 5 minutes.

Owing less to it's spiritual forebears, the 70's 'creaky bats and cobwebs' British horror anthologies like 'Vault of Horror' and the original 'Tales from the Crypt', than it does to the balls to the wall full throttle splatter of 80's films like Reanimator, Pieces, or Body Melt, Cradle of Fear is a collection of gory set pieces sutured by a unifying plot thread that's absurdly high concept, but luckily it's kept to a minimum, leaving a wide berth for the rolling waves of atrocity. Kemper (not Big Ed, the soft spoken, matricidal, head in a bowling bag serial killer, but quite possibly a close cousin) is locked away in what looks like a cave from Lost in Space but is, in movie-actuality, an asylum cell. He's there for various and lengthly crimes against humanity, child eating among them. Although safely detained from committing further hijinks himself, it doesn't stop him from dispatching violent revenge from beyond the asylum walls. He's got some magic coins, you see. He sends them out of his tiny cell window via a fish hook, where they're retrieved by Dani Filth, who's some kind of superhuman, blood sucking, black metal werewolf bounty hunter, who either dispatches or somehow causes the demise of Kemper's intended victims. He might also be Kemper's son, depends who you ask. Got it? Me neither, but it doesn't really matter, because aside from the a few bumbling detectives on the case, Kemper is a minor character in this blood ballet.

What follows are 4 largely unrelated tales of terror that all start out as typical sleaze bag slice of life stories- petty robbery, a night at the (death) rock show- that suddenly take a violent turn for the worse, turning into bloody and bizarre nightmares. The highlight of all this splatterpunk excess comes in the second segment, when a couple of pretty English 'birds' decide to break into some old codger's walk-up and steal the pile of pound notes he's been hoarding under his mattress. The old bastard ought to go down with one good blow to the head, but he's stubborn, so they have to kill him over and over, until the whole room is dripping red with chunks of aging flesh and gristle. In perhaps the most inexplicable and gratuitous moment I've ever seen in a non (ok, pseudo) pornographic movie, the girls decide to take a hot bath together to wash off the blood. Righteous. Then there's the spider baby, and the 'thin demon', and the endless series of lopped off body parts...

Although COF is a low budget film, you'd hardly notice. It looks more like an episode of Buffy that's gone completely off the tracks than it does one of those grainy camcorder snuff films you can order from the back of Gladiator magazine. That's because Alex Chandon's camera has the same crystal clear, fluid, and lecherous eye as Russ Meyer's, only his lingering gaze is usually focused on severed fingers and ruined skulls instead of the smattering of pert breasts on display. Cradle is a rip snorting, full throttle rip ride of shock sinema with a throbbing rock and roll heart. Both horror movie creeps and black metal creeps (maybe even a few citizens, as well) will eat this up like a sex werewolf to a nymphette's crotch. Did I mention that scene?"
R eview by Ken McIntyre at www.sleazegrinder.com
"Hey Alex Just a note to tell you and your crew that your cassette FINALLY crossed Australian shores and made it to my doorstep Thankyou Alex for restoring my faith in this genre After many years of horror/gore/splatter movie collecting,I gave up a few years back due to bad ideas and HOLLYWOOD SHITE Thanx to you I have renewed faith in my own ideas for movies Any info on how to get your previous works would be appreciated Cradle Of Filth...Alex Chandon What a fucked up pair But what a match Keep disgusting and offending the masses Cheers to you and yours..."
e-mail from Nick
"Alex Chandon, the enfant terrible of British independent film-making, has scored a definite bullseye with his latest feature, the gory, violent and hugely entertaining anthology Cradle of Fear. Dani Filth, lead singer of goth metal band Cradle of Filth (for whom Chandon directed two very dark and disturbing promo videos), is The Man, an enigmatic figure in the control of a convicted child killer who provides the link between four stories in which not terribly pleasant people are killed in particularly nasty ways. Whereas Bad Karma wore its low-budget on its sleeve, and the effects in Pervirella were deliberately cheesy, with this third feature Chandon has really come into his own, utilising all his resources to make a film which looks like it cost twenty times what it actually did. There¹s blood, dismemberment, monsters, freaks and general weirdness aplenty, and all looking much better, more effective and more horrific than most modern so-called horror films. The anthology structure (a tip o¹the hat to the old Amicus films) means that Cradle of Fear doesn¹t drag, despite being two hours long......Heartily recommended, this is the first great British horror film of the 21st century. Rating: A."
Review online at http://www.mjsimpson.co.uk/
"Thanks a lot my friend, my video comes, and i love it, is a great movie but i´ll watch it with my friends , so this is a fantastic party. Hey , long live to us, Your Friend."
e-mail from Vitor (from hell)
"I've received by you the vhs....it's very very very beatiful!!!!Long live the new flesh, long live to Alex Chandon, long live to Dani Filth!!!!Thanx!!"
e-mail from Giorgio Stefanizzi
"Hi. I noticed your e-mail addy in this weeks Kerrang! mag and thought I'd drop you a line. I've only recently seen 'Cradle Of Fear' and it was bloody brilliant! It's the best horror film I've seen in a long time. The amount of gore was perfect and the acting was superb! Thanx for making this movie; it's a true classic and is definately in my top 10!"
e-mail from Matt Dray
"We are two female fans from the dark, dull, deadly boring incest capital of the world, Norfolk. Therefore, we are screwed up to the point of no return. This means we LOVED Cradle Of Fear (I get horny when faced with mindless violence, blood and guts, so imagine how I was throughout this thing). We hope that there is a second one in Alex Chandons sick imagination, even gorier, sicker, more depraved, with more slashing, lots more sex and DANI NAKED! GET HIM TO GET HIS KIT OFF! PLEAAAASSSEEEE? It will make our day, seeing as the sick god of sex and fucking, heavenly devil and violently erotic *DANI* is out of our reach, seeing him naked in a film is the next best thing. Give us a major reason to hug each other and drool, and utter words such as 'neep'. We beg you. I promise, I'll get down on my knees and beg if I have to.... Yours, two Gothic Succubi, young, nubile teenagers, and fucking sexy wannabe sluts,"
e-mail from Caitlin and Sian
"Damn man! Just recieved the movie, and it's FUCKIN' great! I simply love it. It gives a snuff fan like myself a lot to look at, and the storyline is just wonderful! I'll be looking forward to any one of your next twisted little projects with the lust for fresh blood in mind. Thanks a million for this movie!"
e-mail from Thomas in Trondheim, Norway
e-mail from Michaela Bradbury
"hey guys. thank you so much for the signed tape. the film rock its so sick my girlfriend nearly puked lol. the screen play is the nuts, danni you can realy act dude you play the part to a T."
e-mail from Neil B
"The DVD is amazing and I'm spreading the word around about the film to my mates. Keep up the good work! I like a real good horror movie but the genre seems to be dieing and I haven't been scared for ages but you injected that much needed boost into the genre. COF made me hide under the covers quite a few times! Now you've got me hooked on your work I was wondering how I could get hold of some of your other work ie Bad Karma. Again keep up the good work! PS Looking forward to COF 2 (maybe?)"
e-mail from Mark
DEC 2001 - JAN 2002
"To Alex and Co, I have finally recieved Cradle Of Fear. Thankyou for the note and for signing them, it was very much appreciated. Watched the film straight away, it was everything I expected and more. Great job. So thanks again and good luck with all future endeavours."
E-mail from David Spark (Australia)
"Subject: Arise Sir Chandon!!! Yesterday was finally the day my copy of Cradle of Fear arrived and I was not dissapointed. Even after the first five minutes I was putting this movie in my all time favourites!! It is now up there with Hellraiser and Braindead!!! I had seen Chandons work on the Cradle of Filth video From the Cradle to Enslave which was fuckin class by the way. I was expecting more of the same and got more. Dani made the film even more great cos he is such a fuckin sexgod, but was dissapointed by the lack of Dani's nakedness. If all the girls got their tits out so should Dani!! Please consider this in future Sir Alex and if you need a willing victim to die by the hands of Mr. Filth himself then im your woman. Thank you so much for reviving my faith in horror you are an inspiration to all us horror fans .....To anyone reading this who hasnt yet purchased the vid, what the fuck are you waiting for!!!!!"
E-mail from Sarah
"Halloween can be a tough time to be a horror film fan. Poseurs come crawling out of the woodwork, like worms from a zombie's head. Even the studios get into the act, releasing things like 13 GHOSTS in the hopes that you'll plunk down your hard earned cash. But, if you're like me and just want to dispense with the nonsense, you need to check out Alex Chandon's new balls-to-the-walls, ultra-depraved horror extravaganza entitled CRADLE OF FEAR. In the tradition of anthologies like DR. TERROR'S HOUSE OF HORRORS, and CREEPSHOW, CRADLE sets up a worthy wraparound story that goes a little like this: Kemper (David McEwen), a hypnotist/child molester/serial killer/cannibal is rotting in a British asylum. In order to enact revenge on those responsible for putting him behind bars, he has 'The Man' (Cradle of Filth lead singer Dani Filth) do his bidding. What follows are four tales of horror laced with hardcore gore and extreme violence that make the likes of 13 GHOSTS look like Disney flicks. Shot on high end video, CRADLE OF FEAR's look only adds to its effectiveness. The crispness of the images mixed with the UK surroundings and actors gives it the feel of a BBC series gone horribly awry, which lets Chandon lull you into a false sense of security. That security is eventually, unavoidably shattered with some of the most over-the-top violence and gore this side of EVIL DEAD 2. As for Mr. Filth? He remains silent through much of the flick, adding a menacing presence to the stories that's punctuated with a wanton glee and blood-soaked joy that makes it hard not to love the flick and his performance. It might drag a bit at two hours, but CRADLE OF FEAR is easily the best mix of black humor and paint-the-screen-red gore since !"
Web Review at http://www.dantenet.com/er/ERchives/reviews/c_reviews/cradle.html
"Hey Alex, absolutely loved the film!!!!! it rules, i ordered two copies so i can keep one in all its wrapping and stuff."
E-mail from beki mann
"Finally JUST got the Cradle of Fear video today after having Canadian Customs take it hostage for who knows how fucking long.....and fuck is it sooo good!!!! I must say I am actually quite fairly impressed for what it was; I thought it was just going to be a full-out splatterfest (although it was) yet it had a pretty cool story to match. The finale was the best part; I love it when the best is saved for last!!!"
E-mail from Adrian Miles
"i got my movie 2 days ago!! it just so happened that i had about 8 friends at the house at the time when it came. i tossed it on and i got an instant erection watching those 2 dudes getting their throat ripped and head smashed! blood blood blood!! i havent seen anything this gory in such a looong time. i cant even recall......maybe braindead was the last insanely gory movie ive seen. and the amputation sent us all over the edge in howls!! our only beef w/the movie was the lame music that was going on at times (except for "lord abortion" and other cradle instrumentals of course..). and the chicks are hot. i almost thought some hard core action was gonna go on for a second."
E-mail from Andrew Chavez
"Thank You Alex I wanted to say thank you and let you know my tape finally arrived. I have to give the whole crew props for the sickest film I've ever seen. Tears of utter joy filled my eyes as I watched this masterpiece. Keep up the digusting work, and long live the new flesh."
E-mail from Arthur
"My girlfriend also wanted to send you praises for the film, as she usually hates these kind of films as they're to cheesy and boring (she's really not into horror that much, doesn't see anything remotely interesting in watching zombies driving wooden things into peoples eyes) but she couldn't have pried away from this film even if she wanted to for it was just that great. Keep up the good work... ...and long live the new flesh. Hails to Dani, he was a much better actor than we had suspected which makes him quite a multi-talented young man (if that's what he really is)."
E-mail from Audunn in Denmark
"Now normally I hate CGI, and your film was no exception, but that shot of XXX CENSORED: PLOT DETAILS XXX off was amazing. There were three things I absolutely loved about your film. 1.) Cinematography (or in this case videography) this was EASILY the best shot-on-video horror film I've ever seen, and I've seen quite a few. Some of the shots were just stunning. My personal favorite is the one of the computer guy riding on the subway, it was very symmetrical, like a low budget Kubrick. Another great shot was when the one legged man stood in the archway and you dollied back. Magnificent!" 2.) The actress that played the impregnated girl was gorgeous, and a fine actress to boot. I mean all the girls in the movie were pretty fucking sexy, but this... oh, boy! What else has she been in? 3.) And finally the biggest compliment of all, you knew what you were making. You know your audience. Your sense of pacing (minus the last story) was impeccable, I was never bored. You didn't even give me a chance to get bored, there was always some gore or nudity right around the corner. Now I'm not some moron (okay, maybe I am) that can be won over simply be a pair of titts and some blood on the walls, but in this kind of film you need that shit to keep the audience with you and you did a great job of keeping me in the story. I can't wait for your next movie. I hopefully someone will back you enough to shoot on film, I think you've earned it. Thank You."
E-mail from Paul Iannone
"well about 3 days, i had a funny accident in my car, in the radio were playing a cradle of filth song, i think this was haunted shores, so i told to my girl that turn on the car lighter, she did it but when the car lighter was ready, i put the cigarrette in my mouth and she put the car lighter very close to the cigarrette, then a motherfucker asshole stoped in front of my car, so my girl with the impact put the goddamm car's lighter in my nose. this hurts a lot, and the mark that the lighter made in my nose looks really bad and is like a damm tatoo of a circle around my nose, so i were really angry and i send my girl to hell. sorry because i can't send a picture in this moment p.d. congratulations to Alex Chandon for the movie '"cradle of fear'"
E-mail was sent to the webmaster at the excellently sick OGRISH.COM
"Watched the tape last night. The words that best sum our reaction up are, "Fuck me! Rewind that!". :-) Thoroughly enjoyed it all..... a big hearty thanks for putting a smile on our faces, and delivering one of the most disturbing cinematic experiences of 2001. In ten years time, you'll probably have done a Peter Jackson and be getting $300m to adapt one of the most famous works in the English language. :-)"-E-mail from Jim McLennan editor of TRASHCITY.ORG
" I Loved This Film!!! I would have to say that this is one of the best horror films i've seen in a long time. In this time of shitty teeny-bopper horror it's good to see some old score gore and violence. This is the kind of movie I love. Two of my favorite horror directors of all time are Fulci and Argento and you've managed to combine the gore of Fulci and the creepiness of Argento with your own style and created one brutal and original story as well. It was definitely worth the wait. It's great to see someone doing horror the way it was meant to be done. Nice and brutal!!! Great job!!" -E-mail from blasphemer1313 To cut this short, the film was worthy of me saying...yes this is a horror movie. (I'm very critical). The best part...umm,mmmm, impossible to say, it was just a good movie that kept me glued to the screen, and the sick room twist..all i can say is hehe! Oh just one bit of criticsm, thanks for leaving some really vivid images in my head."
E-mail from Matt
"The future of dark twisted films continues to shrink and disappear into the distance. The crashing waves of 'teen slashers' were embarassing and above all, daft attempts at reviving a genre that had tired itself out following the 'slasher' overload of the 80's. It seems appropriate therefore, that someone should come along and shape a new destiny for this kind of film. One with more originality and 'feel'. And this is where we look at the accomplishments of a certain Alex Chandon, who – together with the infamous Cradle Of Filth – has managed to develop a film simply known as 'Cradle Of Fear'. It is this film that was deemed a cult classic before it had even been watched, the most astonishing attempt at developing one of the sickest films of all time – but also one of the smartest, on the basis of structure and storyline. 'Cradle Of Fear' tells the tale of child killer/eater Kemper, who is sent to an institute due to his vile crimes against children and indeed, humanity. His enclosure in the institute does not keep Kemper from harming people and his ally in the outside world (played by none other than COF singer Dani Filth) does his bidding, seeking revenge against those who have done his master harm. It's an alarming film, featuring many cult British actors and actresses and quite possibly, some of the best hardgore entertainment ever. Put simply, 'Cradle Of Fear' is a phenomenon. So, what went into this huge feat?. Well, we've got Alex himself, the director and one of the many geniuses behind the film, to tell us just what exactly was going through his head and where the future lies in horror entertainment."Chris Clayton METALUK.COM for FULL INTERVIEW GO TO http://www.metaluk.com/index.cfm/FuseAction/Interviews/iInterviewID/9.htm
SEPT 2001 - NOV 2001
"Hi Alex ... This is Killjoy of Necrophagia writing you .... I recently had the pleasure of viewing Cradle of Fear .... and I was completely fukkkin blown away, which may not be of suprise to you but it was for me ..I have been an avid die hard horror fan my entire life and I'm sure you agree there hasn't been much new stuff for the past decade that did much to satisfy anyone's appetite for the genre ... I can now proudly add your name along side Fulci,Argento and early Craven,Carpenter ect." -E-mail from Killjoy at WWW.NECROPHAGIA.COM
"MY VIDEO CAME TODAY !!! lol, after a long wait it's here, and i've watched it twice already and it's only 11.30 :) Thankyou loads, and if you ever need a nice gothic girl for any movies who can ride horses really well, send me an e-mail and i'd be happy to help." -E-mail from Jay ( Alex says: " 'Sleepy Hollow 2' anyone?")
"There was only one movie, that has scared me ever, and that was Strangeland, but Cradle of Fear is going on that list, I nearly jumped out of my skin, mainly when... XXXCENSOREDXXX.. not expecting that at all! I think I busted my tail bone I came down so hard in my chair... I mean, I just can't get over that shot!" -E-mail from Silvara: Cradle of Filth UK Webmistress at WWW.CRADLEOFFILTHUK.CJB.NET
"Subject: fucking beautiful. I just got Cradle of Fear yesterday, and wanted to let you know that it has to be one of the most beautiful horror flicks i've seen in years. Fucking great!! I haven't had a horror flick make me wince or jump in years, but ...Fear managed to do the job! Like i said, Fucking Beautiful!!!" - E-mail from Cain Coremadra
"My friends are dying to see it, especially those amongst my colleagues here at Mills and Boon. After all that romance, you just need a bit of contrast sometimes." -E-mail from 'name on record'.
"i sat and watched your new video last night with my husband , well what can i say apart from you sick fucks, you need your heads examined , it was horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" -E-mail from Cyber01hun
"The story and characters hold the attention, and it seemed to pass in an hour rather than the two hours running time. You can liken it to any of the multiple story horror films made about 20 years ago, and Cradle of Fear can proudly sit beside any of them, and personally i think Alex Chandon's Uncut version ranks better than a lot of the films I've heard people say that Cradle of Fear is a homage to. Any horror fan is going to enjoy this film, and anybody who likes good horror will not be disappointed." -E-mail from Geoff Grant
"Subject: Absolutely Amazing!!! I immediately turned on the TV, poured a whiskey-sour, and turned up the volume. Fuckin A'. It was perfect. Sex, Violence, rad music, and as if it couldn't possibly get better... Thats when the Cat scene happened.... I absolutely HAVE to thank you for building such a fucking amazing film..It's got the best mix of fucking, killing, hard music, and satire, that I have seen for a very, very long time. I loved the infusion of Cradle of Filth members too, especially Dani." -E-mail from Chris Martin
"it was fucking shit i waited 4 months for SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" -E-mail from purplepassion49 (Alex says: "Is that 'shit' as in good?")
"Subject: Cradle Of Fear at last ! Well well well , when you wait so long for something and then it arrives its a fair old chance you will be disapointed right ? Fucking WRONG big style !!!!! There it was, a brown envelope of seething filth , gore and depravity, I could smell the vileness of the film as I opened its brown paper shroud ..... twitching hands and sweaty brow I inserted it into my VCR, first it was spewed back out with the LCD display giving the message " no fuck off this is TOO sick" but after giving it a good kicking the screen flickered into life..... Dani Filth was put on this earth to portray characters like this he just looks EVIL naturally... I liked the way the film had the sort of atmosphere about it that suggested in what recorded on a video camera it added to the realism that this might well be happening and the reason we waited so long was for the old Bill to stop the murder investigations !!!!!!!!! Not to spoil the plots for anyone who is still awaiting their copy ........ you WILL NOT be disapointed I promise !! As the 2hrs of perverse, sick, stomach churning, vile, gore drenched violence came to a flickering end I actually felt quite dirty that not only had I enjoyed the film but that I had physically watched it ... like it belonged to me and me only and anyone entering my depraved little word was gonna get Dani'd big style !!!!!!!!!! Anyway look forward to a sequel or 2 , off now to find the Sick Room .........whats the code ... F *C K YOU....no, shit that never worked ..... fuck .... someones gonna get it now ........................." -E-mail from John Clarke
"I watched the film last night and thought it was the most sick and twisted film I have ever seen and I loved every minute of it. It was worth the long wait. Dani really did turn me on during the film." -E-mail from Nicole M.
"Fuckin great film by the way, until the christian mutherfucking censors get their slimey hands on it. Take it sleazy," -E-mail from Andy
"Hey. Got The Fear this morning! Fuck me it's good!" -E-mail from Jay
"Thanks Alex,recieved my copy of the vid this morning.I go down on bended knee before thee and offer my tortured soul for all eternity. THE FILTH WILL BE SPREAD LONG LIVE THE FLESH" E-mail from NuttyTurnOut1 (Alex says: "Soul accepted.")
"Watched CoF last night and it's terrific. I was worried that at two hours it might be a bit long, but the anthology structure gets round that. Very gory, very funny, very well made." -E-mail from MJ Simpson
"666 666 666 666 666 666 666 666 666 666 666 666 666 666 it was definatly well worth the wait congrats, hope to see a sequal in the near future. Anyway thatkx allot. CHEERS AND BEERS, Lee 666 666 666 666 666 666 666 666 666 666 666 666 666 666" -worrying E-mail from Lee Norbury
"now finally i ve got this film. it s sooooooo geat!!!!! thanks a lot lml lml satanic hails from switzerland" -E-mail from Claudia
"It is an amazing film, and does not merit censorship! Even as an 18 this film would be cut soooooo much!! What you have created is a masterpiece that is appreciated amongst a select audience, not just anybody." -E-mail from YoungBiddyJones
"WOW! This was definitely one hell of a film, an intense over-the-top, no-holds-barred, push-the-envelope-for-all-it´s-worth-and-beyond thrill ride, a splatter film of epic proportions; Highly entertaining, highly politicially incorrect and, every step of the way, non-compromising, low budget splatter cinema the way it ought to be. Featuring excellent cinematography, good performances (especially Dani Filth as "The man"), a professional lightning design, great music, and a well-structured, if not genuinely original, story. And let us not forget the enormous heapings of nudity, gore and perversion, something greatly appreciated in these anaemic New wave teenage slasher times (It´s been ages since I last saw a good gore movie!)." -E-mail from Hesby (Alex says: "The money's in the post Hesby.")
"Thanks a lot my signed copy showed up on Halloween (excellent!!) So it was kinda begging for a midnight preview and well, it was definitely worth the wait! lashings of gore and ultra-violence, gorgeous women and a kick ass soundtrack who could ask for more?" -E-mail from Steve
"...You don't get to see that kind of vomiting,mutilations,dismemberments and all fucking sorts of twisted and SICK scenes.I just love it!" -E-mail from Vagelis
"For those whose taste runs towards the more graphically gruesome, Cradle of Fear provides enough blood and guts to satisfy the most terminal gorehounds. Starring members of the Goth/Shock band Cradle of Filth, this is an all-out splatterfest with all your favourite characters - including a cannibal convict, a pair of Gothic vamps and a deranged fallen angel. You have been warned." a FRIGHTFEST article in THE EVENING STANDARD http://uk.news.yahoo.com/010827/27/c29m7.html
"Just finished watching craddle of fear. I have to say that i'm impressed, definately great effects. I usually don't watch staged mondo movies, but this one was definitely worth watching. I personally liked the legscene best. P.S. I opened your envelope with a glove on:)" Evil Kenevil webmaster at OGRISH.COM
"The Fear of the year is here! Keep the sick bag close as director Alex Chandon (Bad Karma, Pervirella) gleefully rubs your noses in an outrageously violent and disgusting gore-fest from the Cradle of Filth universe. A gruesome homage to the cult Amicus anthology Asylum, Cradle of Fear unfolds four screamplays all linked by the unspeakable need of an incarcerated child killer to wreak vengeance on those responsible for his imprisonment. Helped by deranged angel Dani Filth, who leaves a trail of charnel house death in his crimson wake, the cannibal convict forces two Goth vamps to endure a one night stand from hell, two tough female robbers to see through each other, an obscenely rich coke-head to chop up more than a few lines and an internet surfer to descend into madness when he uncovers the ultimate web depravity. Staring alongside Cradle of Filth members are cult actresses Eileen Daly and Emily Bouffante and the grisly special effects are the work of Hellraiser veterans Creature FX. Get ready to witness the ultimate blood-spattered snuff reality as Chandon's able hands rock the Cradle of Fear into high shock horror gear." review for FRIGHTFEST by Alan Jones
"...should win some sort of award for the most gratuitous and childish overuse of the word 'fuck' ever." bad web review at EOFFTV.COM by Kevin Lyons
"To sum up, I did enjoy 'Cradle of Fear'. It has a real 'labour of love' feel to it and quite a unique look ... It looks more like it was filmed on video rather than traditional film - but you soon get used to this. The film is an excellent achievement especially considering the low budget it was made on. There's some excellently messy gory moments (the controversial CAT scene for example), some nice humorous touches which lighten the mood, and of course, BREASTS!! (Emily Booth fans will NOT be disappointed!) I also liked the music in the film, a nice industrial soundbed plays throughout the movie. Was Cradle of Fear worth the wait? YES!! Will it be what you are expecting? Not sure. But you'll love it anyway." web review at BOUFF.TV by Kenz
"The first tale (with Bouff's Bitz, about a one night stand with unforeseen consequences) is the only one that hints the Goth stereotype the film could have fallen into, but adds a Rosemary's Baby-esque twist. The second tells of a house robbery that spirals out of control, the third (with Eileen Daly) about a rich man searching to complete himself has to be the first legsploitation flick I've ever seen and the last is about one man's growing obsession with a snuff website. All are well paced, fast and funny, with Eileen Daly's reaction to an event in her segment being worth the price of admission on its own and the Internet tale would stand up on its own as a feature in its own right if expanded. The gore is as extreme as you'd expect and well done, and the whole film is slick, sick and stylish. A refreshing return to a style sadly lost in recent years. ****" web review at www.3dactionplanet.com/spookhouse/frightfest.html by Andrew Zahl
"I also encountered Chandon at one of the late, lamented Eurofests, held in London to celebrate the greatness of Fulci, Franco, Rollin and their long lost, deeply missed ilk. He managed to embarrass the entire filmgoing population of North London that night by drunkenly heckling Jess Franco who sat their looking most bemused and annoyed at this braying monkey who thought he was the most hilarious auteur to ever grace the British Film Industry." unbiased web review (it gets worse) at CREATURE-CORNER.COM by Straxboy
"it fucking came today, oh this is so so fuckin A+ ....yes, i got home to my bloody mail and i spied there was a package for me, me being the kinda guy that orders things alot i thought it was my cd that i orderd...but no....it was... CRADLE OF FUCKING FEAR....first of all, you must buy it....its so amazing, the gore, the sickness....the filthyness....im too tired to give it a review and i dont really want to ruin the plot, i dont know how to describe its just....brilliant!!!....one thing, theres no hardcore sex in it... BRAIN DEAD+BAD TASTE+MIDIAN+RAZOR BLADE SMILE+EVIL DEAD+ZOMBIE FLESH EATERS= CRADLE OF FEAR.... thats how fucking ace it is!!! ....i think im gonna watch it again tommorrow." message on web forum at WWW.CRADLEOFFILTH.COM by Mist and Midhight Sky
"...this heralds the start of by far the best British horror movie (I saw) all weekend – CRADLE OF FEAR. CRADLE OF FEAR is promoted as, as in reality only should be, an extended video shot promo for the metal band Cradle of Filth. I could drag up excuses that BUNKER and REVELATION were trying to be too ambitious and in going for subtlety got boredom and pretension but the reality is CRADLE OF FEAR is directed, shot, acted and scripted better than either of them. If Alex Chandon and co can bear to take themselves seriously they will really be worth watching. A "tribute" to Amicus omnibus horror movies of the 60's & 70s CRADLE OF FEAR actually looks a lot like a central short film concerning the dangers of the internet surrounded by a ghoulish back story and filled out with more graphic + silly tales starring Cradle of Filth's lead singer. Competently done cheap sensationalism set in an familiar gothic setting. It was a Hammer movie by any other name and got a very enthusiastic round of applause as the credits flashed." web review for FRIGHTFEST posted at AINTITCOOL.COM by Horseflesh
"Movie arrived today! Very sick I love it." e-mail from Nathan(from OZ)
"Thank you i have received my copy of cradle of fear i like to thank you very much and i must say it was the most freaked out movie." e-mail from Andrew Stefanidis
"WOW!!!WOW!!! OMFS (Oh My Fucking Satan!)...i got my copy of Cradle of Fear!..speechless!..absolute mute!..can't believe it, it was worth the wait....a great great film, and the autographs are a very very nice touch..keep up the films chandon!..let me know of anything you do and how cradle of fear is doing!..the best wishes" e-mail from Jesus Garcia
"Well I don't know how to put this.... ....!! IT FUCKING ROCKS!!" e-mail from Vagelis Katzelis
"Hey, I just wanted to say thanks for making the best damn movie there is. I sat in awe untill the movie was over." e-mail from Brett Buckley
"Got the film on Wednesday morning. The copy is perfect, and is just exactly what I needed to cheer me up ! Love the Amicus style and the homage to all the other of my favourite 80's films ; love all the Cradle of Filth references (the symbol from "Cradle to Enslave" - and obviously The Man himself!) So, this is just a note to say thanks. Waited a while, but goddamn if it isn't worth it ! Long Live The New Flesh, indeed !" e-mail from Mary McCrindle
"All the stories were quality (especially liked the second and last one) and all the 'inbetween' guff that gelled it didn't half do it's job too, loved the corpse-feeling police detective bloke.. dead good.... Soundtrack- more or less my favourite type of music.. fucked-up electronic beat-y stuff and extreme-metal lark.... and good the way it's really British as well (Which makes sense considering it's a british film.. oddly enough)." e-mail from dannnn Fuckian
"YEAHHHHHHHHHH, my copy of Cradle of Fear finally arrived!!!! And I must say this: IT'S REALLY COOL!!!!!!! Congratulations, this movie is really great!!! Extremely sick and perverse, fuckin' brilliant!!! It's been worth waiting..." e-mail from Lucifuge
"I recieved my copy of Cradle of Fear yesterday. It was a memorable day" e-mail from Kenneth Løvlien
"Well, it's arrived. It's a doozey. A no-holds-barred splatterfest for the thinking pervert. Great, great stuff. It truly takes you back to the halcyon days of gory, no-nonsense Eighties horror. Definitely worth the extra-long wait." e-mail from Giovanni Arduino
"Hell-o, I got the video tape a few days ago and I'm still shocked. I just want to say "bravo" for this brillant work... The movie is a monument of blood, filth and insanity which balance the endless wait we had to endure... Congratulations, Pierre from FRANCE" e-mail
Worth the wait Video arrived Wednesday morning. What a film, I've watched it twice already.Cheers " e-mail from Tim Robson
"OK.... IT CAME, WE SAW, YOU CONQUER It was raw, gritty and atmospheric. Sort of "Tales Of The Unexpected" meets "Driller Killer". We only had time to watch it once last night as it truly is a throbbing 2 hours long. At no point in the film did our minds have time to wander. Total compacted, relentless entertainment. Already checking the WEB for "Cradle Of Fear 2"" e-mail from A.Griffiths
"...And i like it ! Evil Dead 1 and 2 and Braindead are master great and Cradle Of Fear is even better (believe me ! )." e-mail from Steven Kouijzer [Alex Chandon replies " Calm down mate!]
"I have also been waiting most of my film viewing life to see a horror movie of this standard. I cannot praise this film enough.... I believe this movie will (or should) become a benchmark for horror film makers for years to come." e-mail from Mark .A. Youd
"Once again, me and my friends totally enjoyed Cradle of Fear, we hadn't seen a horror flick that hilarious and sick since Braindead!!" e-mail from Maesveen
"I wanted to say that we loved it very much. I for one, haven't seen a film like that in a very long time. I haven't felt like that since I first saw Dead Alive years ago." e-mail from O'Neal Pignani
"Having been deprived of a good horror movie for years, Cradle of Fear is an excellent example of why you don't need a $45 billion budget to make a great film. The plot, production, and background music all attribute to a superb terrorizing film that has haunted me for days and nights." message on web forum at VICIOUS-ARROGANCE.COM by Forgedestiny
"THE MOVIE KICKS ALL FUCKING ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANX A MILLION. AND MR. CHANDON...YOU ARE THE SHIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" e-mail from AzTheFallen